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Board of Trustees


Mayor Traci Davenport
(970) 334-2476

Jared Burns

(970) 580-9157

Ashley Toft

(308) 883-0662

Paul Mansfield
(970) 334-2357

Mayor Pro Tem Dani Rennewanz
(970) 334-2519


Brenda Segelke
(970) 334-2412


Zach Wood
(970) 520-1096

Board Meetings

Second Monday of each month

6:30 pm

Community members are encouraged to attend meetings at any time.

Call Evelyn (970) 334-2473

to be placed on the Agenda

Town Employees

Town Clerk/Town Treasurer
Evelyn Gardiner (970) 334-2219

Maintenance Manager

Ron Gentry  970-466-2256

Water Operator/Waste Water Operator
Lydia Kiser (970) 520-9416

Council Committee Members

Streets:, Paul Mansfield, Zach Wood

Water & Sewer: Traci Davenport, Paul Mansfield

Personnel: Traci Davenport, Dani Rennewanz

Finance: Traci Davenport, Brenda Segelke, Dani Rennewanz

Cemetery: Zach Wood, Jared Burns

Parks & Recreation: Brenda Segelke, Dani Rennewanz

Animal Control: Ashley Toft, Jared Burns

Permits: , Jared Burns, Paul Mansfield

Sanitation: Brenda Segelke, Ashley Toft

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