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Town History

      In 1900, the town was called Mercer by the Burlington Northern Railroad which built a section house and depot there. The name was changed to Peetz in honor of Peter Peetz who homesteaded here in 1903, having forty acres to the west of the railroad tracks where Peetz now lies, and eighty acres to the east of the railroad. The forty acres of Mr. Peetz's land west of the railroad tracks was sold to the Lincoln Land Company and plotted for a town. Peetz grew slowly till World War I brought better prices and the town grew to its highest population, 440. There were over 50 business ventures at that time.

     The depression and dust bowl hit together in the thirties and banks closed. Many pioneers left, depleting the population , which never rose again.

     Constant in the history of Peetz is a school, starting in a one room schoolhouse over to the railroad depot in 1903. In 1911, a large frame house was erected in the northeast part of town. In 1917, a three story brick school with gym and basement was built. This served as the house of learning until 1944, when it burned to the ground. In 1945, the present stucco building was erected. There have been many additions since then.

     Water and lights were installed in the Town in 1917, the phone system in 1918. Through the years of 1916-1960 their baseball team was known throughout the states. Baseball was "King" of the tableland! The "farm boys" took on all comers, playing many semi-pro teams.

     In 1907, a prairie fire started at Kimball, Nebraska and burned to the railroad tracks at Peetz. Another prairie fire threatened to wipe out the town in 1916.

     Peetz now has a population of around 200. The school is one of the state's best. The business section includes the grain elevator, the service station, the Hot Spot (a bar/restaurant,) the telephone office, and a post office. The best wheat across the country is still raised in this area. The two churches and the school continue to hold Peetz together.

If you would like to know more about the history of Peetz, please visit the memorabilia room in the back of the Town Hall.  Sandra Vallier has dedicated many hours to preserve much of this great little town's history.

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