The utilities deposit is $60,  payable to Town of Peetz by cash or check. Deposit is refundable + interest after one year of on-time payments.

Residents are required to have water, sewer, and trash service payable to Town of Peetz by the 15th of each month.

Water $44 per month

Sewer $55 per month

Trash $ 23 per month

Call 970-334-2473 for additional rates for different size trash containers.

Xcel Energy provides electrical service in the Town.

Call 1-800-481-4700

Hearing Impaired: 1-800-895-4949


Town Clerk, Evelyn Gardiner, is a Notary.  This service is offered FREE during regular business hours.

Bring books, take books during regular business hours.

Recycling bins for cardboard, newspaper, glass, and plastic are located near the burn pile on Louisa Street.  Please break down all cardboard.  A white recycling bin is also located behind the Town Hall for Town use.

The large dumpsters next to the Peetz Park are for grass clippings.

A burn pile for limbs (3 inches or less) is located south of the Town Shop at the corner of Louisa and VanValkenburg Streets.  Limbs may only be dumped during open hours posted on Happenings in Peetz and at the Town Hall, Post Office, and

Co-op Station.